Adelaide North Special School

“Quality Learning for All”

a child 
colouring in a picture book

It is my great pleasure and privilege to be leading the Adelaide North Special School community.

Adelaide North Special School is a Reception to Year 12 specialist public school for students with physical and associated disabilities.

This state of the art facility opened in April 2014. The school has been purpose built for our students and their specific requirements. Extensive outdoor areas, an independent living unit, gym, sensory room and high quality technology are all features of the new school. The building is eco-friendly, incorporating energy and water saving systems. At Adelaide North Special School, we have a commitment to high quality and effective teaching and learning for all students. Students at this school are engaged in stimulating and exciting learning activities. Strong emphasis is placed on learning through exploration and play, and learning to communicate, particularly for students who are non-verbal communicators. All students have individual learning goals identified with families during annual Negotiated Education Plan meetings. Students are supported by an active Governing Council, the wider school community and a professional staff.

We hope that your association with Adelaide North Special School is a rewarding and enjoyable one. At Adelaide North we strive to cater for the needs of individual children, so your interest and help is most welcome and very much appreciated. It is our task to support you in helping your child’s educational growth. Therefore, we invite and encourage you to become involved in the school community to achieve this outcome.

We are proud to be providing the Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE) program. This is a specialist program ensuring maximum mobility and independence for appropriate students. In conjunction with the Adelaide North Special School Governing Council and the dedicated, professional and experienced staff, I welcome you to our school.

Byron Stuut