Adelaide North Special School

About Us

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colouring in a picture book

Elizabeth Special School caters for students who have intellectual disabilities including students who have severe and/or multiple disabilities. Our programs include, sensory communication and language development programs, a range of specialized programs and PE and swimming programs The communication programs and tools include Proloquo2go speech tool on iPads, Picture exchange tools, signing (Auslan) and verbal language development, Additional .intervention and support is provided in collaboration with Autism Association, Down Syndrome Association and Novita.

We strive to make our school a secure, positive, caring community of students, parents/caregivers and staff who are all are valued and successful. We focus on developing students’ learning and opportunities in accordance with the principles of social justice and equal opportunity. We also strive to develop each student to their maximum potential, with emphasis on communication and independent living skills. Our 2013 Site Improvement Plan focusses on Literacy & communication, ICAT (Information Communication Assistive Technologies) and a range of specialization areas including Intensive Interaction & P.M.P (Perceptual Motor Program).

In 2014 Elizabeth Special School will be relocating to new premises at Douglas Drive Munno Para West and will be called Adelaide North Special School. The new school motto will be “Quality Learning for All”